Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Denjaka New Weapon

Indonesia marines anti-terrorist unit DENJAKA (Detasemen Jala Mangkara) now using G-36 and HK-416..


The history of Jala Mengkara Detachment (Denjaka) started on November 4, 1982 when the Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff formed a unit called Navy Special Forces (Pasusla). The existence of Pasusla was urgently needed to counter the terrorism activities in the sea.

In the initial phase, 70 personnels from Amphibious Reconnaissance Unit and Underwater Special Unit were recruited to form Pasusla. The trainings for this new unit was under the command of Western Fleet commander with the assistance from the Marine Corps commander. The Navy chief of staff was the operational commander for Pasusla. Western Fleet Command Headquarter became the units base.

Upon further development of this unit, Navy chief of staff requested Indonesian Armed Forces commander to form Denjaka. The armed forces commander agreed to this request and since then Denjaka became the Naval Anti-Terror Unit. According to Navy chief of staff direction, Denjaka is a Marines special unit that has the responsibilities to be capable to conduct anti-terror, anti-sabotages, and naval clandestine operations under direct command of armed forces commander.

Denjaka recruitment process started after the conclusion of Para and Commando trainings. Before enrolling in Denjaka training, the troop must have been qualified to become an amphibious surveillance unit member. In its operation, this special forces unit must be able to reach the operational target via sea, underwater, or airborne. This unit has been conducting several joint-practices with the US Navy SEAL teams.


Raven said...

Its unlikely that Kopaska using HK416 and G36 as depicted in these pictures. Both rifles are forbid to be used by other than their producing country.
What the Kopaska used here in the pictures are plastic replicas (RAP,RAM or airsofts). They use it for demonstrations and exercise only (as using real weapon in water/sea for those purposes are too risky).

dsofandi said...

No wonder all of them looks like airsoftgun - still smooth. But real or not, at least one of the G36 is fully loaded. They mean awesome.....

For Spec ops, weapons are selected based on operational requirements. Like a well trained musicians, this means the troops have a very wide range of repertoire to use. As the number of the troops are usually small, they don't need to buy or get large quantity of weapons (same arguments used by the US Army not to use HK 416 when their very own Delta Force used.

Yes, you're right there is Denjaka unit...


Raven said...

Even in airsoft a fully loaded magazine replica is very common. Yes for a demo purpose it really looks awesome.
As a constant reader of your blog I do appreciate your work here. Hopefully we can hear/read more about our special forces from your work. Keep up the good work. :)