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Vietnam Could Extend the Life of Su-27, Su-30

Vietnam Could Extend the Life of Su-27, Su-30

20 Februari 2017

Overhaul activities in Factory 32 of PK-KQ (all photos : BaoDatViet)

To enhance combat effectiveness and prolong the operation time for the fighters, Factory A32 has done wonders with the fighter Su27/30.

According to PK-KQ (Air Force Academy), is an important link in the chain of aircraft repair Factory A32 (Department of Engineering), the workshop 6 in years there have been many efforts and overcome difficulties to master science, technically, complete assigned tasks.

"Workshop 6 where the total assembly, testing, flight testing for aircraft Su-27. In addition, the workshop also repairs locally, increase safety foam (explosion suppressant foam is used in fuel tanks where the possibility of fuel tank explosion exists) and repair cockpit lid of the Sukhoi aircraft, " Captain Engineer Dinh Van Hoan said.

Currently, the unit has many technical innovations such as check leaf diversion Su-27 engine; new generators manufactured hydraulic pressure; aircraft assembly, assembly kits engine, etc.

Workshop together with the units in the plant and increase the total overhaul of the use life and successful flight testing for aircraft Su-27 number 8526; increased shelf for 10 Su-27 aircraft respectively; repair enhance fuel system on the 4 Su-30 aircraft and overcoming the many failures of the other aircraft.

The prolongation of the duration of use and successfully upgraded fighters showing tremendous degree of Vietnam, but it is not a surprise because from 2016, defense website said Russian VPK , Vietnam will repair and upgrade the Su-27, Su-30 fighters at the new plant in Da Nang.

Accordingly, Vietnam is building capacity for maintenance, repair basic Su-27 fighters and Su-30, to escape from sending aircraft abroad.

To implement this program, Vietnam has recently launched a defense plant A32 in Da Nang. "The repair of domestic aircraft upgrades will significantly increase the operational readiness of fighters," the source said.

According VPK, as of this moment, Vietnam Air Force has equipped with enhanced series of Su-27 and Su-30MK2V sophisticated Russian-made.

Previously, the plant has sent tens A32 staff to overseas training. Currently, the plant has successfully self repair the defect of modern fighters. Each workshop repairing a technical segment with over 10,000 different components requires careful, precise, meticulous very strict.


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